Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Jump Rope Girl

She's been practicing with her jump rope for weeks.

It wasn't too long ago that her and I stood in the kitchen, me bent down, my eyes level with her tear-sparkled eyes.

It took her awhile to get the words out...

"Mom, I just think that... well, I think that maybe... maybe people won't like me as much because I can't jump rope as good as Halee."

"Oh sweet girl... the truest friends will always love your heart, waaaay more than your jump-roping skills. And you know what little one? You have one g_o_r_g_e_o_u_s heart!"

She kept practicing. 

She keeps practicing.

She smiles this glamorous smile when she jump ropes.

Today at lunch she made an announcement to the whole table...

"I'm getting good at jump roping, but even more beautiful is my heart."

The most innocent assurance out of the mouth of a beautiful little girl... that she knows who she is and she knows what matters in this world.

Growing up souls for eternal purposes...

No curriculum necessary... 

Just life, and a jump rope, and a few kind, life-giving words in the kitchen.

Sweet days at the one room school house.