Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Best Kind Of Friend

I met her a little more than five years ago.

She's got a quiet spirit.

She's wise.

She loves her husband well.

She cherishes her treasures.

She has this quiet, yet bold passion for her Savior that I just love.

She's creative.

She speaks life and truth over me and my family.

And she has a silly side.

We had an engagement party for another friend last week and my friend and I couldn't help ourselves... We might have gotten a little camera happy...

Her and I have been through it all these past five years...

I'm thankful for all our moments together.... truly... all of them... Even that crazy season when her family and mine all lived under the same roof in that big house on the hill.

I love this girl.

She's stunningly beautiful actually, and I am privileged to call her friend. 

She's also the one who helps me change up my blog every once in awhile and I'm so grateful for the many ways that she blesses me and my family.

Thanks sweet T__!