Monday, July 14, 2014

The Newest Addition To The One Room School House; A Cozy Book Nook For The Treasures

In the winter the farmhouse sun room is by far the warmest room in the house.
Often times the treasures and I end up doing school in there simply because it's warm, but until yesterday there was nowhere to sit except on the brick floor.

I saw a fun pallet bed on pinterest and thought I'd create my own farmhouse version. 
My Mama's old sewing machine always gives me a bit of trouble when I first fire her up, but after a while she remembers what she's supposed to do and she did a great job turning my plain white pillows into something lovely. 

The Cowboy was my wood man on this project. The base of the couch bed is the easiest thing on the planet to put together. All it is, is two pallets screwed together and a wheel on each corner.The pallets are a bit wider than the mattress which created a little "step" for the littlest ones to use to climb on up. We found an old door out in the stable and used it as a head board. As for the Chevron pattern blanket I just bought some material at Joann's and sewed it onto the front of an old white blanket that I already had.  

I bought the lantern at Ikea last night. I'm thinking that the step might not be the best place for it with our newly crawling little man who seems to be finding everything these days. :)

I'm looking forward to many long winter days curled up on this lovely couch with our many small treasures reading for hours and soaking up the warmth of that Colorado sunshine.