Tuesday, December 24, 2013


There's something about our closet that attracts our treasures. 

We've had many a chats with them to steer clear of our closet but it seems they just can't help themselves.

Then last night, when the Cowboy and I got home from our lovely date, right inside the door of the farmhouse began a trail of little white dots. The further into the house we walked, the thicker the trail got. 

And low and behold at the end of the trail were two tiny treasures, sitting in our closet, covered in bite-size pieces of Styrofoam. 

The Cowboy... well, he was not happy to say the least. 

And this Mama, I couldn't help but laugh. 

The moment the Cowboy walked in our room, their little round eyes got HUGE... they knew they were in a bit of trouble.

The Cowboy made them vacuum the whole house and they both cried the entire time. 

And when they had finished, I asked my Spunky Girl why they had ripped up a giant piece of Styrofoam and sprinkled it over the entire house, she said so sweetly through her tears, "We just wanted to be decorated in snow for Christmas." 

Oh sweet, sweet girl, how I LOVE YOU! :)

I love Christmas with these many small treasures. :)