Monday, November 11, 2013

Solomon Jude 3 Months

I know. He's cute huh?

He's three months old already. And although there are so many tender things about the newborn phase, I am so so glad that he's already 3 months old. He's sleeping. which means, I'm sleeping. Which means glory days have returned to the farmhouse. 

He's 13lbs,
24 inches tall.
He's got his Papa's short legs.
His face is chunking up quite nicely, I must say, and I'm royally in love with those cheeks of his.
He still has a clogged tear duct... His doc says that the Cowboy and I must not have the best tear duct genes since all five kids have had clogged tear ducts. :(

Last week all 6 of us got to tag along with the Cowboy on his business trip. We went to Vegas and San Diego. The first three days Siah was sick with the flu and he stayed in his room in the appartment that we were staying in and slept most of the time. And little Solomon had a cold the entire time. And since I didn't want him waking up the rest of the fam at night, I would get up and walk him around several times a night because he wasn't breathing all that well. He still has a runny nose but he's sleeping much better now that we're home. 

This morning when I looked at our little man, I saw my mom in his face. I see a little bit of everyone in him on different days, in his different expressions.

He eats 5 ounces at every feeding.
He wears 3-6 month clothes.

 This morning while I was brushing my teeth, I was thinking about my life without my little Solomon Jude. I never knew how much I wanted another precious heart to love on until the Lord gave me the courage to surrender to such a gift. Five kiddos is crazy and loud, and a joy-filled privilege that I'm so glad I have the honor of living this life with.

Solomon Jude, you're three months of sheer gift. :)

Your Mama loves ya!