Thursday, September 5, 2013

First Class Day

Today's their first day of "Class Day." 

They all were up at the crack of dawn, SUPER excited about school. 

And just to give you a little glimpse into each of our treasures, 
My Siah came down stairs and said, "I'm so excited about school. I'm excited to learn and meet new friends."
The Dancing Girl came down the stairs and said, "I'm s excited, but I'm feeling a little nervous."
And my Spunky Girl came down the stairs and said (more like yelled the most giddy-happy yell) "I am SOOOO excited about school. I am soo excited about all the special treats in my new Hello-Kitty lunch box!!"

And my Charmer... well he was slightly devastated about not being able to go to school today. So we got him some snacks and put them in his backpack and told him he could bring his back pack to Costco today and eat his snacks when we have lunch there. He was ecstatic. :) 

The Charmer got a little choked up saying good bye to his brother this morning. Love the love going on in this place! :)

So when the kids drove away, I just reminded this little Charmer about his snacks, and all was well with the world again. :)

Happy first day of classes sweet treasures of mine!! May you shine like stars for your Jesus today! :)