Monday, August 19, 2013

Tea & A Campout

It was a busy weekend. 
I'm tired, but truly happy. 

On Saturday, my precious friend Tara gave me a shower for Solomon at one of my most favorite places on earth, the Wisdom Tea House in the center of our small town. There's a small room upstairs where a handful of amazing women gathered and blessed my socks off. As I looked around the room, I couldn't help but think of God's graciousness towards me since we moved here three years ago. I remember a sweet shower that a few of the pastor's wives had thrown for me when I had Jed. And although it was the sweetest of celebrations, at the time, I really didn't know anyone besides Tara. And on Saturday when I looked around the room, I couldn't help but thank Him for all the friendships in that room. There wasn't a single woman there that isn't dear to my heart in some very tender, genuine way. He has blessed me beyond measure with women who are willing to speak kindness and truth into my life and spur me on towards my Jesus. 

Thank you for that sweet friends! I felt so loved on and encouraged this weekend and I'm so thankful. 

Then on Saturday night we had our 3rd annual Father/Son campout here on the Farm. I actually took the girls and Solomon to the mall to pick out a "first day of school" outfit, cuz we started school today. So I didn't get to take pictures or listen in on conversations like I usually do at the campout. But my Siah hasn't stopped talking about it all weekend so I'm thinking a good time was had by all. :) And my Charmer got to join in the fun this year since he's three now! And, well, he just doesn't stop talking in general... I think it must mean that he's always having a good time. :)

Anyways, it was a sweet treat of a weekend to have before summer ends and school begins, but not to say that it didn't have it's mishaps. A few hours before 30 men and boys showed up at our house, the Charmer decided to flush his cell phone down the toilet. Needless to say, the Cowboy made a quick run to town, picked up a new toilet and installed it just a few minutes before everyone got here. 

Then last night, our Siah ran into the van with his bike and put a nice scratch along the side. The Cowboy and I were sitting on the front porch and saw the whole thing. I think I forgot to tell you that that same little boy "accidently" shattered the van's back window with his sling shot the morning we had Solomon. 
So I just glanced over at my Joey cuz I know it's just been one thing after another around here...
He just started laughing and making jokes about the rubber room we're going to build for when the grand kids come to visit so that nothing in the house can get ruined. 
I'm glad we can laugh together on the porch. But then again, what else are we gonna do? It is what it is, and we're beyond thankful for each of the crazy treasures that romp around this place... even if they do break everything in sight. :)

And that was our weekend.
Today is my Dad's Birthday and Thursday is my Cowboy's birthday.
We're having a little party, with a few friends, some Italian cuisine, and Chocolate Lovers Delight for my dad and lemon bars for my man.

Happy Birthday Daddy. Hope you feel loved on today! :)

{And my Joey, well, I'll talk about you on Thursday. :)}