Friday, July 26, 2013

Grace Abounds In This Place...

{I'm starting to think that it takes a true Jesus-loving man to love a woman who's about to be a Mama of five... Here is a short letter to the one who has lavished grace beyond measure these past few weeks...}

To my Love
{as we weave our way through these last few weeks of pregnancy}

Thank you.

Thank you for eating cereal or sandwiches five nights in a row...

Thank you for walking in the farm house door after a long days work and telling me to put my feet up while you do the dishes.

Thank you for grace... grace for the messy kitchen counters, and the unmade beds. Grace for the kiddos that look a bit like ragamuffins these days running around in mismatched clothes and dirt covered faces and feet. Grace for the broken windows and that silly door that keeps falling off in the bathroom.

Thank you for praying when you know my body is tired... thank you for Grace for the "five-minute rests" that have been turning into "two-hour naps".

Thank you for watching The Pioneer Woman's cooking show with me at night, even though I know you think she does this weird thing with her mouth when she talks, and you'd much rather be watching some sort of hunting show. :)

Thank you for reminding me to laugh and not cry when I bend down to pick something up and awkwardly attempt to make my way back up.

Thank you for telling me to take a bath while you put the treasures to bed.

Thank you for not making fun of me too much as I waddle my way around the farmhouse these days. 

Thank you for kindness in a season such as this. 

You carry a lot... and I notice... and I want you to know I'm so very thankful.

With love, 
Your very round wife
who loves you beyond measure...

PS... And as if, I hadn't broken enough things around here this month...
As I was wrapping up this post, a mouse ran across the kitchen floor and I tried to pop it with my BB gun but I'm such a great shot that I shattered the glass on the stove instead.

And you know what you said...
"It's just life.
It's just money.
Not to worry."

How do you do that?

Grace abounds here.

And I'm so thankful for you. :)