Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Another Week On The Farm Gone By

She's one of those women that every woman wants to have in her life. 

She's the one that would come over every afternoon when our first (and second, and third) little treasure was born. She would take the baby, send me to my room for a much needed nap, then clean my house and do my laundry and love on my little guy. 

She makes you brave and talks you into boogy-boarding when all you really want to do is sit on the sand. 

She's the one that lavishes love on you with beautiful baby showers and the most thoughtful gifts on your birthday. 

She's the friend that you can sit on the couch with for hours and chat the night away... or say absolutely nothing at all and it's just as wonderful. 

She's the kind of friend you not only wish you had, but the kind of friend real friends wanna be. 

She's lovely and she was here on the farm last week with her family and I couldn't soak her up enough. 

I cried in Chipotle on Sunday afternoon when I knew I had to say goodbye. 

There aren't a lot of folks who can convince me to leave my nice warm farmhouse to go sledding in the wind... but she can... and she can some how make me laugh the whole time.

She, is Melinda White. And she's a treasure friend that lights up my heart when she's around. 

The Cowboy and I have known her awesome husband since high school and we've all walked through a lot together over the past fifteen years.

Last week on the farm the kids got at a million horse back rides from Uncle Jason around the couches in our living room. Aunt Mindy was so sweet to let the girls constantly do her hair and dress her up. (I wish I would have gotten a picture when they had dressed her up as gymnastics Merida, complete with a bright blue leotard and Merida's lovely red locks.:)

We ate a lot of good food and had a lot of good conversation.

This past week on the farm was nothing but a blessing. :)

Thanks for coming  out sweet friend. I just love you to pieces! :)