Thursday, January 10, 2013

Your Kindness

When you came in quietly and put the Rock Crawler that you got in the mail yesterday on the farm table, you were so calm. I never would have known that our Siah had dropped the controller on the ground and broken it.

It wasn't but ten minutes later that that same little boy came in the front door and announced that the water feeder for the chickens was broken and he needed your help down in the barn. You didn't even twinge. You didn't sport a dirty look or let out a frustrated sigh. You got up off the bench and you said it with such kindness, "Ok bud. let's go check it out."


With four small treasures in our quaint little farm house, something is always breaking, someone is often crying about the breaking, and there is usually someone doing a good job of tattle-tailing about the breaking.

And me? This Mama doesn't not feel nearly as chill as you do about all the chaos and the crying and the breaking. This Mama snaps her words around like one of those horrible, sketchy, jerking rides at the county fair.

You make me smile, the way you love on these kids... the way you love on me.

And the thing that speaks to me the most, is the fact that you never say anything to me when I'm doing it all wrong. I know that you know, that I know, that the way my mouth is flapping in the moment is the very last thing that I want my mouth to be doing. And you smile and you wink and your face beams grace my way. And my heart softens, and my mouth asks our sweet treasures for forgiveness... and then ten minutes later there I am, floundering with my tone again... and there you are again, reminding me of grace.

I can't thank you enough for teaching me through your example... it speaks so much louder than your words.

And our kids, I can't tell you how blessed they are to have a Papa with such patience, such wisdom, such self control.

Thank you for that.

Thank you for being you.

How truly  privileged I am to be my Cowboy's wife. :)