Saturday, December 8, 2012

Because She's Beautiful

She came in the front door after a long day of classes in town.

Dropping her back pack on the floor in the middle of the kitchen, she flung her coat onto the counter, then wrapped her arms around her Mama.

"Can I go put my new dress on Mama? Can I? Can I?"

The night of her Christmas concert was finally here and she had pulled that sparkle dress off it's hanger at least a dozen times over the past week, asking her Mama just how many more days it was until she would finally get to wear it.

Her Mama painted their nails, curled their hair.

And when she walked down the stairs in her sparkle dress you could see all over her face that her heart was glowing!

She stood up tall on the bleachers in her school's "cafe-gym-atorium." Knowing every last word to every last song, her family watched her all proud from their seats.

Her Charming brother was feeling quite peppy during the concert and kept her Mama pacing in the back row. But when she spotted them from her place on the stage, she flung her arm up high and waved, her whole body smiling.

She looked so beautiful up there in her sparkle dress.

But even more so, her Jesus has given her this gorgeous heart... a heart that finds joy in the least likely of places... a heart that delights in others above herself... a heart that is more amazing than her Mama could have ever thought to ask for. :)

My little Dancing Girl...

She's lovely, and she's loved!

....and this.... just because it makes me smile.