Friday, November 9, 2012

Just This...

Oh the privilege of Motherhood. 

How do I so often forget? How do I lose my joy when I know that every bit of it is a gift. Even  in the most heart-breaking moments, it's still a gift.

"A mother toiled with all her might
Tending needs both day and night.
Cleaning, laundry, dirty dishes,
Changing diapers, giving kisses.
No one saw her faithful deeds
The sacrifice for others’ needs.
She never got a company raise
Or heard the applause of worldly praise.
But still she labored diligently
She knew what others couldn’t see.
And then one night a dream told true
About that treasure this mother knew.
She dreamt of seeing her Savior’s face
And then she felt His strong embrace.
Before she had time to even speak
The King of Kings knelt at her feet.
A water basin soon appeared
She gasped in horror through her tears.
She begged of Him to take her seat
To let her wash her Savior’s feet.
He just smiled and said with ease
“You did, when you served the least of these”.

Teach me to wash their feet Lord? For Your glory and for my growth?

I want nothing more than to  speak of you, live for you, be willing to die for you, and pass my  fervent love  for you onto  my children's children's children.

The answer to all these desires?

Just this...

To wash their feet...

with joy.