Monday, July 2, 2012

Four Fabulous Years With The Spunky Girl

Oh Spunky Girl!

I just LOVE you!

You make these days under the farmhouse roof, BRIGHT!

You're funny and you're joy-FULL.

You're tender-hearted and passionate about this life.

You love frilly dresses and fancy shoes, and big-old bows in your hair.

You rarely EVER stop talking.

Your beautiful Reesie face makes this Mama smile every time I look at you.

You wanted chocolate muffins and eggs for your birthday breakfast this year... a sweet tradition that we've had since the beginning.

And for dinner you so kindly asked for spaghetti, bread, & NO SALAD! You got it girl! :)

Happy Birthday my little "I Love You!"

I couldn't even imagine this life without you. :)

And guess who was a wee-bit tuckered out from the day????
He fell asleep while eating some spaghetti. :)