Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Fire

We're safe.

The fires going on here in the Springs, are spreading. 

Please keep praying. 

300 homes have been lost.

My heart is breaking for those families.

Our inquisitive Siah noticed the smoke and heard a few things on the news that have brought a wee bit of fear into our boy. He's afraid of a lot of "what-if's." What if our house burns down? What if we have to leave our home? What if the fire keeps coming our way?

It's given us a great opportunity to talk with our boy about the things that matter. If we lost our home, it would most certainly be really sad. But no matter what happens, and what physical things are lost, the things that matter will still be here, family and our sweet Jesus in our hearts.  

Our home is quite some distance from the center of the fire. 
But we've been able to open our barn and allow some folks who had to pack up their homes to store their things here. If there is anyone who needs a place to go, our home is open. Please don't hesitate to call. 

Here's a picture from our front porch...

As we watch and wait to see where the fire might turn,  we are trying our best to do life as normal as possible... so today we put on our suits and turned on the crazy sprinklers. We caught moths with our bare hands, laughed at a giant bug that couldn't seem to stay on his feet, and had lunch out on the front porch...

Then the Mama got a little picture happy and took a million pictures of the the littlest gal on the farm...

She is seriously beautiful. :)

Thank you for praying.