Thursday, May 31, 2012

On Favorite Things

The Cowboy and I piled the crew into the car this morning and headed out to Big R for some chicken feed.

He had on his ripped plaid shirt, his cowboy boots, and his cowboy hat. 

When the Cowboy's in the car, there's always something good and Country coming through the speakers. 

Today when he reached across the center console and rested his grease-stained man-hands on my bare leg, this was playing, and we were smiling. 

These are some of my favorite things. The days when the music's good, and his touch is close, and we can see our four amazing little treasures real, and loud, in our rear view mirror. 

We left Big R, and picked out tomatoes and peppers and a handful of other things at Home Depot, then headed back to the Farm. 

It was gorgeous here today. Everything within me is smiling at these warm days of summer. 

I LOVE them! 

I love these flowers.

I love the garden that's growing our lettuce and cauliflower, carrots and peppers, tomatoes and squash. 

I love that the Dancing Girl discovered today that she can totally ride her brother's big bike. I love that smile that took over her face as she pedaled around the farm. I love how she ran up to me and told me all giddy, "Mom, GUESS-WHAT??? I can totally ride Siah's bike all by myself!" 

I love the way the sun shines right through the Charmer's white wisps.

And I love working outside, next to the Cowboy, with the ipod set on all things things Country, causing the flowers to sing.

I love the days when the Cowboy and I hardly say a word all day, but he winks my way, and he slides his fingers down my arm as he walks past me in the kitchen, and through the seemingly insignificant, I feel so loved.



But days together with the Cowboy just might happen to be one of my favorite things. :)