Sunday, April 29, 2012

The God-Size Miracle & A Sleepover On The Farm

Papa had some testing he had to do that morning. 
Papaw quietly snuck down to the trailer that we had stashed it in for the night and set it right there off to the side of the driveway....

It's no coincidence how it got here. In fact, it's straight up Jesus who brought it! Siah had told us at the dinner table one night, how he longed for that motor and four wheels. The Cowboy and I looked at each other, smiled. Even though we knew we couldn't afford it, it was still fun to dream about. 
We told our Siah that it was awful expensive and that he would have to pray and ask the Lord to provide a miracle. We told him that even if God didn't bring the money, God was and is, still good. We told him that this was a great opportunity to choose gratitude no matter what was to come.

Then, on a Friday night, the kids were in bed and the Cowboy and I were on the porch, praying up prayers and asking if the Lord would want to provide money for a quad. 
It was frivolous and we knew it. 
But that's the thing about the Lord. For some reason He even cares about the frivolous.

And on Saturday afternoon, the Cowboy went to the mailbox and there was a check in the mail from a woman who simply wanted to be generous! 
The Cowboy came walking into the kitchen with our birthday miracle in his hand. 
He picked me up and twirled me around right there by the sink. 

And I don't know why, after all these years, after all these times, all these stories, all these miracles... we still find our hearts surprised when He provides so miraculously?
Silly us!! :)

And oh, that morning, the morning of his 7th birthday, that morning that I'll remember till I'm old and grey. 
Our Siah walked out onto the farm porch and his eyes got all big and that toothless grin took over his face and__ HE__WAS__STOKED!!!!

It was freezing outside, but nobody cared. He started rattling off all his questions, trying to figure out how to use the thing. And each and every time my Siah started up that quad, the little charmer would run and hide behind a tree, the loud noise making him cry. :(
Siah figured it out real quick and he rode it nearly the whole day. He'd come inside only to warm up his hands or get something to eat, then he was back at it again. :)

Then on a Saturday night, we had our very first birthday sleepover here on the farm. Pizza and Mama's last minute cake creation. There were Rocket Pops and glow in the dark spy glasses, riding bikes and games of tag out in the farm fields, movies and a late-night dance party. The Charmer just wanted to keep up with the big boys and had quite a few tears. The girls stuck close to their Papaw. Everyone was out cold by 10':15... and the littlest one was up at 5:30. :) 

We'll all be taking naps on this lovely Sunday afternoon. 

This year has been a year of shifting for me with my oldest treasures. Birthdays are different, attitudes are different, hearts are growing and changing. I've love that things aren't always the same, that I get to watch the Lord mold them and shape them into the little people that He wants them to be for His glory. But there's also a tiny bit of sadness that always hits me when another birthday just passes swiftly by. Saturday came and went and now he'll never be six again. He's taller now and in the last eight weeks he's eaten me out of house and home and he's gained six pounds. He's learning the art of self-control over his emotions, an art that I'm convinced just might take a lifetime, but still most certainly worth the pursuit. :) He's growing up and I find it to be this unspeakable privilege to grow up with him under this farmhouse roof. 

Happy 7th birthday sweet boy of mine! I love living this life with you!