Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Funny Farm

Life around the farmhouse can be silly sometimes...

The girls got all "ready" for dinner tonight. All dressed up in lip gloss and a generous variety of hair clips. I loved it!

Siah recently informed us that he LOVES hard-boiled eggs. He especially loves the cheese in the middle...
Hehe :)

At the kitchen sink the Cowboy was telling me about the lottery and how it's at some crazy high number like $650 million.

Then he told me that if he won the lottery he'd pay off Matt and Adam's trucks for them, pay off our house, and buy himself a brand new, sweet truck.

I asked what he might buy me?

He said a new faucet for the sink that matches the hardware on my cabinets. {BIG smile}....

"Wait, I thought you just won 650 MILLION dollars??? And all I get is a faucet, eh?"

He laughs and pulls me in close....

"Only the best faucet out there." :)

... Lovely, just lovely.


And my favorite moment of the week....

At the long farm table, we're all eating dinner and I sit up straight and stretch out my back a little.

Then the spunky girl, she informs me,

"Mom, when you put your shoulders back like that, it makes those fat things on the top of your stomach soo big!"

I can't help but giggle and then my Siah pipes in and wants to set his sister straight...

"They're not fat things, they're boobs."

To which the Cowboy brings our lovely dinner conversation to a very quick halt...

"OOOO-KAY! At this farm table we will no longer be discussing boobs!"

I don't think I can ever describe my life with these treasures and this Cowboy, as dull. :)