Saturday, March 10, 2012

After All These Years...

I've never been a real phone person.

Well, let me take that back. When I was in junior high I would stay on that phone for hours and talk about absolutely nothing with my friends...

But I think I must have gotten out all my phone talking back then, because ever since, I feel this weird sense of awkwardness when I'm on the phone.

I even feel awkward talking to my Joey.

But my Joey, he's on the phone often and doesn't seem to mind it one bit.

A few weeks back he was on a business trip and he called me a few times each day.

You would think that I would be so grateful that my husband likes to check in on me and see how the kids are doing and how my day is going. But truth be told, I could feel this little irritation rising up in me every time I heard the phone ring. It's not because I don't like talking to my man. It's that I don't like the phone.

Then he got home from his business trip and we were standing in the kitchen together not really talking about much. And I felt bothered at myself and the rude tone that I had had so many times when he had called throughout the week.

So I just threw it out there,

"I'm sorry I was so rude on the phone this week. It's not you. I just feel so awkward on the phone. You know that about me, so why do you call so much?"

And that man of mine, he smiled, and he rested those man hands that I love on my waste and told me something that after all these years, I never knew...

"I just like to hear your voice."

And because I'm a crier about pretty much everything happy and sad, I tried to say that that was the nicest thing ever, but it came out all choppy. We are NOT the mushy type over here, a fact that I'm fully on board with! But that was a really kind thing to say!

All this time I've been so lame to him on the phone. And all this time he's just called me anyway... knowing that I would be lame. But he didn't care. HE JUST LIKES HEARING MY VOICE!

That is so nice.

After all this time,

I never knew.

And now that I know, well...

I still don't like talking on the phone.

But I smile when the phone rings, knowing that he likes hearing my voice. :)