Sunday, February 26, 2012

Every Once In Awhile...

It was my Mother's.

Honestly, I think that just might be it's only redeeming quality.

The bobbin winder is broken. The thread comes out of the needle pretty much whenever it pleases. And the working stitching patterns, well, you just never know what you're gonna get.

Even so, every once in awhile, I get this crazy idea to pull the old machine out of the closet and attempt to make a masterpiece.

On a Friday night, the Cowboy was on a ride-along, and the kids were all in bed, so I thought to make some reusable snack bags for the four treasures. My lovely friend and neighbor assured me that it was a quick ten-minute-per-bag project.

AS I rewound the bobbin by hand for like the millionth time, I couldn't help but think about Paul and his wise words to the Romans... "knowing that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope." Poor me that I had to wind the bobbin by hand... hardly true suffering, I know. But I was annoyed at this lovely gift of a sewing machine that my Mother had passed down to me. :)

Seven hours later I had myself four lovely snack bags. :)

They're actually pretty spiffy. The inside liner is a plastic material that is wipe-able and machine washable (probably not the best in the drier), so you can even put cut-up fruit in them or whatever else you'd like and simply wipe them out with a sponge or wet rag. :)

The kids like em too, which is a most lovely bonus. :) 

Every once in awhile, I'm thinking it's worth rewinding the bobbin by hand...