Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Naming Of A Year

The Cowboy and I have been chatting long about time. About how we spend our time. 

I've been thinking about this upcoming year and what roads I might walk. Wondering if my eyes will ever really be able to see all this life as sacred... 

The thousands of small moments making up all these glorious gift days. 

This farm, this place, us all slowing down, slowly learning to soak up the joy of even the messy moments.
Been thinking about the past years, what He's spoken to me, how He's gentle lead me into more than I ever thought I could come into.

For three years now I have found myself learning the same thing over and over again...
It started when we lived in the big house on the hill.
It kept coming when we moved across the states. 
It hit hard when work was scarce and all the familiar was gone. 

It's the practice of acceptance with joy. The art of living content right where He's got me.  

Sometimes I wonder if it just might be every woman's battle. What's natural, is me looking around and wondering why I don't have her talent, or her ability as a Mother, or her gift of living and breathing God's Word with her life. And so daily I have to purpose to thank Him for His perfect plan in making me just the way He wanted me to be, for this place in time, for these treasures, for this Cowboy. 

And oh how I give Him praise, simply by living content.

Today, it's probably been one of my absolute favorite New Year's Eve's ever... 

We said no to the shindig and found ourselves eating dinner together at the farm table. When we had all pretty much licked our plates, The Cowboy read from the Psalms to a bunch of rowdy treasures who crowded around him at that same table, while this Mama whipped up a batch of chocolate chip cookies and a small cup of hot coco for each. Then on a picnic blanket in the living room, My Siah and I took turns reading aloud... a family all together. And when 7:30 rolled around the Cowboy found a countdown thing on his iphone and the kids got a thrill out of counting down into the New Year. 

With the kids in bed, the Cowboy and I we came together, found ourselves wrapped up in vulnerability, a man praying in the New Year, a man praying intimately over his bride. 

These moments. Contentment in the here and now. 

Last year she named her year, The Year Of Here.

'The only place I can ever be alive is right here.

Be all here: and be holy.

Be all here: and be happy.

Because the Presence of I AM always fills the present moment.'

I'm tempted this year to do the same.

Tempted to Praise Him by accepting with great joy, all that He gives.


And so it is that 2012 has found a name for this learning farm girl...
Acceptance with joy...


The Year of Here.