Monday, October 3, 2011

I Love These Kids

I woke up before the treasures this morning. Put some biscuits in the oven. Scrambled a half dozen eggs in the skillet.

I woke up this morning in love.

I was pulling the bread out of the oven when she came strutting around the corner into the kitchen.

"Good Morning Love," I shot her a smile and she gave me that "good morning-I'm not quite awake-pouty face, that she greets me with on most mornings.

But then she saw the biscuits, and that gorgeous smile that I love more than most things, the smile I could look at all day long, took over her face and she went running down the hall calling for her brother and sister in her still-child voice.

I love these kids. And if I tried to express the things that I love about them, it might just come across as silliness to most.

But I love it anyway.

I love the way the leader comes down the stairs most mornings already dressed, rattling off the long list of chores that he's already completed on his own accord. He's humbly proud, (if that's possible) and I love him!

I love the way the spunky girl runs, the way her bum waddles in her skinny jeans and the way her feet flip flop in her mismatched shoes.

I love the way the dancing girls tells totally pointless, not funny jokes at each meal... the way the whole family laughs anyway... that beauty queen smile that lights up her whole body when she thinks she said something funny.

I love the way the little boy says "Mo" a minimum of 800 times a day. It's one of the few words he knows and he kinda just uses it for everything.

I love the way they all love to dance in the living room.
I love the three times each day when they work together to remember whatever scripture we're trying to memorize at the kitchen table.
I love the way the big brother invites the little brother into his room to play cars.
I love the way the girls skip around the farm house in their princess dresses and make-shift back packs.
I love the way the littlest one crouches down way low, looking for possible snacks under the couch.
I love the way My Siah walks My Hal to her class on the day they take classes.

I wanted to think of some sort of fabulous title for this post...
But I'm thinking that the feeling is simple...

I love these kids.