Friday, September 2, 2011


There was a time when the big brother called him "Joy Boy".

He has a new name around here...
Tasmanian Devel!

Little Jedediah Cyrus.

Okay. So he's not really a little devil at all, but he is speedy gonzales... and he does get into EVERYTHING!
He's this constant wrecking ball that travels from room to room taking out as much as he possibly can. When he's awake, we get through five minutes of school before we have to do damage control with the littlest boy.

His favorites...

The toilet,
The cat food,
The chalk,

I know what you're thinking...

Just close the door to the bathroom, put the markers out of reach, put the chalk away where he can't get it. SOunds simple enough, heh?

He's ONE, right?

Somehow, he's figured out a way to open the old farmhouse doors.

I found of stash of half-eaten chalk under the couch last night after all the children were in bed.

Could his one-year-old mind really be that intuitive? COuld the little chunk really have hidden chalk under the couch so as to have his own little stash because his Mama hid the rest of the chalk last week? Or is it plausible that the spunky sister has been his helpmate in mischeif while the Mama and the two oldest hide out in the schoolroom and try to get some learning done?

I have no idea how half the stuff in this house goes down!

At the end of each day I may have four smiling treasures still alive (somedays barely alive... I found the littlest one licking an empty 409 bottle that he had somehow gotten out of the trash... trash that has a lid on it and is kept behind a CLOSED door... a bottle found while I was standing RIGHT NEXT TO HIM in the kitchen washing dishes! That little boy... sneaky-sneakerson!). But I cannot guarantee that we don't make it through the days without chalk-covered faces or snacks consisting of cat food and toilet water. And the spunky girl, well, she just night have been wearing three pairs of underwear for no apparent reason all day yesterday. And when I asked why she needed all three pairs, she informed me that she needed them to be a ballerina... what? why? :)

I am trying my hardest to keep up on the troops under this roof... but I must confess... sometimes motherhood is simply a mystery to me. :)