Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Dancing Girl

We were all sitting round the family room, the place where we six gather often, each one doing their own thing. And she twirls that petite little body of hers right over to my spot on the floor, me wrapped up in a book, and she says it with a voice full of passion.

"I LOVE to dance."

I've never really met a girl like her, one with so few years who has such a love for a thing she's really only read about in books.

But she does. She carries this joy about dancing and this Mama's been hesitant. The last thing I desire for a daughter is all the things that can so easily entangle in the dance world... the worry about body, and beauty. She's five and I don't want anyone to convince her to spend her days caught up in her looks or her size.

But she LOVES to dance...

And in His grace, we found this place. A place where, through dance, they teach her to do all things for the glory of God. They teach her that her gifts are FROM Him, and FOR Him and THROUGH Him. And this Mama heart feels at rest. And I enjoy to no end watching my little girl come alive in that studio and float around as if she was living on a cloud of pure joy!

In our home, our sweet Hal is known as The Dancing Girl.

And her life brings this little girl giddiness that I love. She's giggly and light-hearted and full of silly talk and innocent 5-year-old jokes.

Love the dancing girl!