Friday, August 26, 2011


I've been thinking about it all day...

Thinking about just when exactly it was that your life taught me what it means to love.

Maybe it was that day you twirled me in the back of that little chapel in Pasadena after we said our forever "I love you's"... but I'm thinking it had to have been before that.

Maybe it was that time I burned a GIGANTIC hole right smack in the middle of the bench seat of your truck and when you saw that gaping hole, you smiled and winked, and forgave me without any words.

Or maybe it was that day when we were kids, and you climbed up to my bedroom window with a dozen long-stemmed red roses and asked me to be yours...

I've been thinking about you and our life of love all day.

Between the math lesson and snack time.

I thought about it as I looked straight into our teary-eyed Halee and tried with the tenderest of words to convince her that it's only the first time in her life that she's ever written a "w" and by golly she did a fine job, even though it didn't look exactly like the "w" her Mama had drawn on the board.

I thought about it while the littlest one kept sneaking magnets off the calendar on the wall and putting them in his mouth.

And I thought about it when the spunky girl turned her pretend pizza into a real pizza and ate a good chunk of play dough before I realized that the reason she kept telling me her pizza was so yummy was because she was actually consuming it one yummy bite at a time.

And as I walked out of the kitchen drying my hands with a dish towel this afternoon, I saw all four treasures in a pile of giggles on the living room floor. Jed was on top and Hal's leg was stuck under all the others and all four were this heap of joy-laughter and I realized it's never just been a single moment. It's all the moments combined...

It's US that I love. All of us. The you and me that get lost in one another in the dark. The you and me that gives and takes, and holds and breaks. The you and me that piles high in our living room in the shape of four little hearts, real-live, LOUD, love... love that came from US.

11 years with the now Cowboy...
11 years of pure gift!
11 years of US. :)

Happy Anniversary to the man I get to call my own. :) Love you true!

And when you came home tonight and snuck up behind me while I was drying my hair in the bathroom and sheepishly pulled out those long stem roses with that happy grin on your face, my insides lit up.

You told me you picked a card out just for me...
I read the front....

And expected nothing less than what I found inside... :)

I'm thinking, we really were... always meant to be! Love ya babe! :)