Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Place Called Simplicity

Granny and Gramps came to town last week.

And together we soaked up the simple life...

Some days Gramps and Siah would hunt for snakes in the back yard,

Some days little boys would fall asleep in Granny's arms,

Some days joy-filled little girls would hold tight to their Gramps,

Some days, a little green-eyed beauty would ride her scooter down near the lake,

Some days we'd all get covered in chocolate...

Some days, littlest one would eat pretzels off the ground...

Some days Gramps would push them high into wonder,

And still other days, we'd all look on in wonder at the ways He's growing us all up around here.

We had a good visit spending most of our moments lingering in a place called simplicity. :)