Saturday, July 30, 2011


His mom has the gift of giving... And I'm always afraid of the possibility of being cold and last night I just might have been the only girl in UGG boots on hot July afternoon in Cheyenne Wyoming.

She bought us tickets and I interrupted his staff meeting with a made up story of how my car was broken down, down the street and asked could he come and help me. As he walked across the parking lot to get into his old pickup truck and come and rescue me from absolutely nothing, I popped out from behind his truck and shouted a shy but joyful SURPRISE... he looked into me all confused. Handing him the tickets I stood there with my arms folded into one another, glowing.

"What? What is this? What?"

I pointed to the words all in capitals on the bottom of the page...


"We're going there tonight. You and I up in Wyoming. She got us tickets for your birthday, my parents are with the kids and we get the gift of time."

Still confused...

"But, but I'm in a staff meeting? And work?"

I talked to your boss way back when and they all know.

He smiled big!

"How'd you pull that one on me?"

I wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders and we laughed.

Cheyenne is a kaleidoscope of folks. My Joey and I, we have a time and half just people watching, him with a beer in his hand, me with steeply priced cup of water. As we leaned up against the back fence, I couldn't help but think of the times that him and I would go to the airport when we were dating, share a Cinnabun, and watch all the kinds of people that would travel those world terminals.

Their was a county fair going on while the band played. We devoured the most delicious funnel cake and chatted about life with the sweetest couple that sat across from us at that packed picnic table outside the concert walls.

A woman who might not quite have been herself was dancing a bit hilariously in front of us as the opening gig did their thing. He pulled me in close and we smiled wide at one another.

We didn't talk all that much most of the night but it is so nice being at a place where we both know that we don't have to to have a good time.

I slept the entire drive home.

As I slipped off my UGG boots and crawled into bed with my clothes still on, he slid his hand gently up my arm and whispered... "I had a great time with you."

Me TOO Babe! Me too. :)

Thanks Mom for such a fun gift!