Thursday, July 7, 2011

Helping Them Gain A Passion For Work

I've been on an organization kick this past week...

Cleaned out the school room, sorted through the kids clothes, threw away broken toys, head-less dolls, and hole-y, spaghetti-stained pants.

The total truth is... with four small kids, my head spins trying to remember and manage, stay consistent and hold accountable.

So I'm trying... Trying to lay it all our for all those under this roof to see in hopes that even though they are small, they might be inspired to take their own initiative. And in the hunt for organized simplicity I've actually found myself having a blast... Corny, I know. Who stays up till midnight making chore charts with goofy graphics?

That would be me! :)

So here they are...

You can create a personalized chore chart for each kiddo under your roof too.

Follow the seven EASY steps.
Pick a theme... They have a lot to choose from but don't get to excited... this mermaid was one of the best options... :)

Come up with an extremely creative title.

Decide on what chores you'd like your little treasures to do.

Print, cut out, take all the charts down to Mardels... (they laminate things for a mere 25 cents a foot. I got six charts that I had made for a BUCK! What a deal! :)

When we got home I explained the charts to the treasures and they were totally on board. They like making check marks once they've accomplished each of their chores. And Reesie was ecstatic about the fact that her chart had a most lovely mermaid displayed across the top.

There are a lot of other, way more sophisticated ideas out there when it comes to helping kids gain a passion for work... but we're a bit simple over in these here parts and have really enjoyed our spiffy new charts.

So there you have it... Chores made easy and fun in the Clark family farmhouse. :)