Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Things I Love About Him Today

When time gets short and there are meetings to go to, fields to be mowed, papers to be written and phone calls to return, dinners, parties, showers to attend, life together sometimes becomes only small pieces of time. Little moments here and there.

Today he pulled up the blinds in our safe-haven, 6am and he was already kissing my sleepy eyes goodbye. I haven't seen him or talked to him since those shades went up, since he whispered, "have a good day" before he quietly slipped out the front door.

But the things I love about him today, are still bountiful. I love when he pulls up the shades and floods our room with sunshine.

I love when he leans in and his lips feel warm against my face.

I love that he gets up early and spends time in the Word, in the tub.

I love that he works hard and never complains.

I love the way he's wrapped up in our kids hearts. The way that he held our Halee last night as she opened up her heart and confessed that the reason she's been sad when I've picked her up from VBS the past two days is because the other girls in her group won't play with her and she feels alone. I love the way he prayed over that sweet little girl sitting on his knee in our sunroom. The way he encouraged her to be brave. The way her face lit up when he told her that tomorrow would be better.

I love that even though he had homework and a deadline he still took those five minutes to love on Hal and give her encouragement to try again the next day.

I love that he knows my heart and knew that changing our phone number to a CO number yesterday was oddly a big deal to me. I love that he texted back and forth with me until he knew that I was sure that it would be okay to let go of one of the last things that held me to CA.

Seasons change, they come and go. But there is something to love in ALL seasons.

Today, these are the things that I love most about my Joey. :)