Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's Your Kindness

I just want to remember something from today.

In short, the morning stunk... I yelled at the kids, I got stuck in the snow, and as I was walking into church I slipped on a patch of ice and fell flat on my bum... I cried... I wanted to just get right back in my car and head home.

I didn't though.

Instead I walked into church and was greeted by my oldest son, to whom I wasn't all that kind to this morning. He walked right up to me, wrapped his arms around me and looked right up into my eyes and said, "Mom, you sure look beautiful in your dress today."

All week I've been mauling over in my head that verse that says, "It's your (the Lord's) kindness that leads us to repentance."

And in that moment it hit me as unexpectedly as falling flat on my back on the ice had hit me just a few short minutes before hand...

It's my KINDNESS that leads my children into obedience... How foolish of me to think for even a moment that my harshness would lead them anywhere, except away from where I want them to be.

"Out of the mouth of babes!!!!"

The Lord seems to use my kids to teach me some of the deepest truths about Himself.

This week when I'm about to let harsh words fall off the tip of my tongue... I want to remember how instantaneously my heart changed, and how quickly I confessed my sin and asked forgiveness from my son, when he walked up to this flustered, broken Mama and wrapped his arms around me and in my pure ugliness, told me with complete sincerity... that I was beautiful... KINDNESS...

I just want to remember his kindness...