Monday, November 8, 2010

Need A Break?

It has been brought to my attention that sometimes because of the way that I talk about my children on this blog, that people have some kind of skewed misconception that I never get annoyed at, or with, my children, that I never struggle with my attitude towards them... or better yet, that they never struggle with their attitude towards me. Let me just clarify right here and now that we are a completely normal, sinful, family just trying our best to learn how to live day in and day out with one another. Some days, yes, are very successful. Other days, yes, are not even close. And sometimes I handle my frustration in a godly manner toward my many small children, but just as often I handle it so poorly that if I was being completely honest (which I am), you might not even know that I have a relationship with the Lord at all.

Today, for example, was not a horrible day by any means, nor was it absolutely perfect. By about noon, we all needed a break from each other, so I sent them outside to play.

"But there's nothing fun to do out there," they protested.

"You are adventurous and wise and I'm sure that you can find something to do," I replied.


"I'll tell you what. If you truly can't find anything to do then you are welcome to come in and help Mama scrub the toilets in the bathrooms..."

"Bye Mom! We'll just play out here, that sounds great!"

And sure enough, five minutes later... I looked out my sunroom windows and this is what I saw...

I think they might have found themselves some joy! What do you think?

Everyone needs a break every once in awhile... right?

There are a thousand days worth of projects around here just waiting be tackled... but today... I just needed a break.
I needed to take pictures of my treasures laughing together on the tire swing and remind myself of what's important in my day.
I needed time to ask (beg) the Lord to change my attitude towards my little treasures and help me to stop trying to be super woman by trying to feed everyone, and clean up after everyone, and paint the trim in my whole house, and convince my children to be kind, and selfless, and obedient.
So this morning, I took my time in schooling Siah, took a looong lunch, and talked to a dear friend (whom I am totally convinced that the Lord told her to call me this morning because she just blessed me and encouraged me the entire conversation... Thanks M :) on the phone for a long while.

The painting, the laundry, and whatever else... it will all be there tomorrow. For right now I'm just enjoying a little break. :)