Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's A Wonderful Life

We're here!!! Sunday night was our first night in our new house. My favorite part was coming home from the Halloween party and bringing the kiddos upstairs to their rooms for the first time. Halee was my favorite little treasure to watch. The kids rooms upstairs are connected through their closet, so she kept running around and around through both their rooms, singing and clapping, giggling and skipping, and saying over and over again, "I love it Mama, oh I just love my pink room Mama." Her joy was so overflowing it splashed out onto the rest of us and we were all giggling together and Siah kept saying, "Praise God, Mama!!"

We ALL had a little trouble going to sleep that night... so much joy, so much gratitude... and maybe a little to much candy. :)...

My sweet Halee jumping in her new pink room. :)

The next morning we woke up to snow falling. The kids were sleeping so nicely, but I got so excited about the snow I couldn't hold out any longer and I woke them up at 7:30. It was so beautiful, it felt like Christmas morning on November 1st!

Isn't it beautiful?????? This is the view out my kitchen window... I know it's a bit blurry... but you get the picture. :)

Siah wanted me to take a picture of our car covered in snow. It's a new phenomenon for him... and me too! :)

Our little BBQ in San Diego never looked like this. :)

There's still a LOT to do around here... I didn't realize that there was no light in our dining room... so the kids ate breakfast by candle light.

Some rooms still need paint and the kitchen and dining room still need flooring. There's no light switch covers anywhere (clearly not a very good thing with our many small children running around). But there's heat, and warm running water (we got a new water heater installed yesterday and it works GREAT.) We got the carpet installed in all the places that it was going to go, and most of the rooms have a fresh coat of paint. We find new things that we want to do every hour of every day... and plausibly, in time, we'll do them.

But for now we are just enjoying the home that the Lord has lent us while we're waiting for our forever home with Him. We're already loving raising our kids here. Siah asks me for chickens EVERYday. All three of our older kiddos bundled up and spend half the day outside yesterday... just exploring. Papa and Jed hung out together on the couch in our nice warm living room all evening. We had dinner together for the first time in what seems like weeks, as Papa worked to fix things here at the farm and I packed up our Kansas home and loved on our little treasures. WE sat around the table and talked about our favorite things. We thanked the Lord for all that he has blessed us with. It truly has been His hand in everything. Just when we thought a door was closing and we were preparing to have to let go of our dream of living here on the farm, HE would open the door WIDE for us to walk right though. It feels refreshing to be in this home knowing that we didn't force our way in, but that the Lord gently and graciously gifted it to us on His own accord. I have written down all the details of how we got here in my journal. I never want to forget the journey. Nor do I ever want to forget to be thankful.
Here we are...
(more pictures to come :)