Thursday, October 14, 2010


Life is WONDERFUL when my babies start sleeping ALL THE WAY through the night!!! I now officially have four small treasures who sleep all night long! I can hardly explain my delight! Thank you Lord!! Little Jed is growing so fast! He's 12 week old today. He's seriously the easiest baby that we have had so far and I feel overwhelming honored that the Lord would be gracious enough to loan me four of the most amazing little people, and use them daily to thrust me into His presence. I truly can't imagine a better life!

Coming back from vacation was a bit crazy. It took all of us a few days to get re acclimated to our daily lives. We took Monday off to do laundry, unpack, get groceries, and let the kids just run and play after being in the car for so many hours the day before. But we are now back in school mode around here and it has actually gone swimmingly this week. The weather has been a lot cooler and Siah and I have spent hours laying on our tummy's in front of our fireplace reading story after story from Uncle Wiggily's Story Book and The Berenstain Bears Big Book of Science And Nature, two of Siah's favorites.

I took the kids up to the farm yesterday for the first time since we've been home. I seriously love it up there. As I was driving there I realized that we truly are going to be living in the country. The nearest grocery store is 6 miles from our house, down a long country road. That might not sound that far away but coming from the suburbs where I had four or five shopping options within a mile from our home, it's gonna be an adjustment. I think that we are going to have to invest in a deep freezer someday soon as we will be living in the highest elevation in Colorado Springs and it is very plausible that we might be stuck in our house on occasion. :)

Until now we've always rented... so things like choosing paint colors and bathroom vanities is a totally new experience for me. It's fun, but I am terrified that I am going to pick the wrong color and regret my choice for the next several years. Let's just hope for the best. :)

Joey has spent every evening since we got home gutting our house and taking down the zillions of fences that are spread throughout our property. The kids and I haven't seen him much so last night I made some home made chile and cornbread and took it with us to the farm. We had dinner together and the kids got to jump on the trampoline with Papa. And on the drive back to our Falcon home the kids and I saw the absolute most gorgeous sunset! It was a lovely evening to say the least!

The next few weeks are going to be completely full... keeping up with homeschool, feeding our newborn, packing our current house, and cleaning and painting our new house. My plan is to take things one hour at a time. If I think ahead I get kind of really overwhelmed... so none of that!!! I still haven't gotten my camera battery back so I still don't really have any pictures. But I promise as SOON as I have my battery back I will post a ton of pictures of our adorable little farm house!

TaTa for now!