Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Love Loving Them

Just because they are seriously so stinkin cute... I wanted to post these pictures of our little treasures that I took today. :)

Jed is smiling all the time now. He still smiles the most for his Papa... It's adorable!

And this cute girl came into the kitchen this morning while I was doing school with Siah in her sister's shoes, her sister's hat, and in her very own super hero cape. LOVE IT! :)

And this afternoon I caught Hal skipping around the house with one of her dolls in her shirt. I told her she needed to put her doll away when it was time for dinner and she told me that she couldn't do that. I asked her why not and she said matter of factly, "Because the baby is in my tummy and she's not coming out till November 1st. :)

That was enough to convince me to let her keep the baby in her shirt during dinner. She hasn't taken it out for five hours now. I think I'll end the madness at bedtime by letting Hal know how incredibly UNCOMFORTABLE it is to sleep when you're "8 months pregnant with a baby in your tummy." :)

And finally, at dinner tonight, Siah informed me that even when he was married he was still going to eat triangle pastas and bananas for dinner.

Man, are our treasures cute????? I love watching them play. I love listening to the things they say. I just love loving them!


And just for fun... Siah read his first entire "book" (it was like 8 pages long with 5 or 6 words on each page... but still!!!) yesterday. :)

And tomorrow, bright and early, we leave for CA!!!!! Yipee!!!!

Ta Ta for now.... :)