Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Recovery And Coming Home

The last few days have been a whirlwind. It's felt busy, but we haven't really done much at all. The first few days with a newborn are this sweet rush of adrenaline mixed with the kind of exhaustion that you don't even want to really admit is happening to you... because if you acknowledge how tired you are you just might fall over and not get back up again. :)

When we got home Saturday afternoon we gave Jed a tour of the house (like we did when we brought all of our treasures home from the hospital.) He seemed to like the place just fine... in fact I think he slept through most of the tour... Oh well. :)
When we walked in the door there was a lovely welcome home sign that Aunt Tara had made a sign with some help from all the kids. It made me feel special and glad that our little guy was being celebrated. :) It felt so good to walk in the door, sit on the couch and find myself surrounded by all FOUR of my little treasures. The kids were so excited that their little brother was home. And my heart was so blessed to witness their joy and excitement.

How am I recovering?
That night (Saturday) we went to church for the first time as a family of six. On the way to church Joey was talking to his dad on the phone. His dad asked how I was doing and Joey responded with something like, "She's good... Looking as beautiful as ever." And I just started sobbing. Joey looked at me and asked what was wrong. And through my sobs I tried to explain that that was just such a nice thing to say to his dad considering that I am quite lumpy, stretched out, and did I mention lumpy. He just started laughing... Can anyone say hormonal??? Geeeezzzz!! Having babies can do strange things to a woman's personality. My goodness me! :)
But physically I am feeling great. I can walk around like a normal person which is a true blessing since I want to be able to take care of ALL my amazing kiddos.
I'm tired... MAN, am I tired! But the Lord is constantly reminding me to live these days with many small children one hour at a time. I can't think about whether or not I'll get a nap in, or how long my night will be. I just constantly have to remind myself to live in the moment. And with God's grace I am doing just fine.

How is Jedediah Cyrus adjusting?
Our first night home was a bit rough. Jed was fussy off and on from 10-345 in the morning. Once he finally went to sleep I got some solid rest from 4-8am when Joey got up with Jed at 6am.
The last two nights have been pretty good. He gave me a nice five hour stretch on night two at home. And last night he went to sleep around 10pm and only woke up to eat then went right back to sleep until 7:30am.
He doesn't really cry that much at all. At least not yet. I know that they are super sleepy the first few days so we'll see what comes about in the next few weeks. :)
I'm not just saying this to be positive, but Jed, thus far, has been super mellow and sweet as pie! I have looked at him countless times and whispered over and over again, a very genuine and deeply felt, THANK YOU! to the Lord for another, healthy, peaceful baby. I KNOW that little Jed is a pure gift, and not a moment goes by that I am not aware of my blessing.

How are the other kiddos adjusting?
Truly, truly, all three of them are doing so well. No one has asked me to take Jed back to the doctor, which is a step up from when I brought Reesie home from the hospital and Siah asked when I was going to take her back.
The sweetest art about watching all them is that they all three truly LOVE Jed. They want to hold him, they talk to him all the time, they try to comfort him with his pacifier, they kiss his forehead. I have been so blessed to watch all of our kids cherish each other. Even Reesie has done pretty good with Jed. Reesie has one volume when she talks... LOUD... so everything that she says, she says at the top of her lungs, often times right in Jed's ear... soo... we are working on volume control around here. :)

We have been ultimately blessed out here. Truth be told I was a bit overwhelmed about how it was going to go having a new baby, in a new city, in a new house, with new friends. In my own mind I couldn't have thought to even ask for all the ways that the Lord has met all of our needs and then some. We have meals for the next three weeks brought to us by people that we have only known for a very very short time. We diapers from some incredible women who threw me a shower after only knowing me for four weeks. We have formula from a Granny and Gramps who made a very generous trip to Costco for us. We have visitors and phone calls and texts and emails that have all provided friendship and love for our hearts. We are not without a single need. God is so so faithful!

I am tired.
I have found myself being irritated.
I am busy with my brood of many small children.
I am so so so in love!