Friday, July 23, 2010

Easy Peezy

Easy Peezy!!!
I want to brag on God's FAITHFULNESS to his fearful little daughter, Kacy Nicole, who loves her babies, but fears labor so much that she'd rather have someone punch her in the face and knock her out than have a natural birth. And her Jesus knows that better than anyone and blessed her with the absolute easiest labor EVER!

Man... It's just so evident that the Lord knows what each of His children needs and can handle! Can I tell you how AMAZING this birth went?

I came in at 7:30 am.
Gwendy was my nurse. She was kind, gentle, funny and fabulous!
She got my IV in on the first try! (BTW, this is the first delivery EVER where I didn't pass out when getting my IV in... Praise God! :)
I got a round of antibiotics for strep B and a little pitocin.
I felt some contractions that were a bit uncomfortable.
Dr. Rafael (AKA, My best friend for the day), put my epidural in. I felt FABULOUS!
At 12:15 pm I got my second round of antibiotics and Dr. Claus broke my water.
I went from a 5 to a 10 in less than an hour.

Then at 1:21 Joey said, "Alrighty Kace... You have 60 seconds to get him out, then he would be born at 1:22 on the 22nd."
SO I pushed twice, and at 1:22pm on July 22, 2010 we met our son for the very first time!!!!!!


And here he is... our fourth, living treasure that the Lord has entrusted us with for this season.

(Known to us as "Jed" and sometimes, "Jedi")

His Papa and I labored over his name more than any of our other kiddos. WE wanted him to have a strong name like his brother... one overflowing with meaning and purpose, but had the HARDEST time coming up with anything at all. A few weeks ago I was going through the book of 2 Samuel and reading about David and the birth of his first living son with Bathsheba, Solomon. And how the Lord sent a message through Nathan to David saying how much He LOVED Solomon....
"And the Lord loved him and sent a message by Nathan the prophet. So he called his name Jedediah because of the Lord." (2 Samuel 12:25)

Jedediah means, "Loved by the Lord, or "The Lord's Beloved."

And Cyrus, means, "King", or "Lord." Which is like his Papa's middle name Ryan, meaning, "Little King."

Papa with his newest son!

So now all three boys (Papa and our two sons) have a special connection in their names. All three have the same initials, JC. Josiah and Joey share similarities in their first name. And Jedediah and Joey share a connection in their middle names.
And although I am well aware of the fact that a "name" does not determine the outcome of a child, the name that we chose for Jed, is a constant reminder to us, his Papa and Mama, that he is loved first and foremost by his heavenly father, and that he is only on loan to us for as long as the Lord sees fit. :) And for that, we are so so so grateful!!!

The Proud Papa and Mama

In other news... I felt so good after I delivered that I thought out loud to Joey and the nurse, "Surely I can get up by myself and walk to the bathroom."

That was until I tried to even move my leg off the side of the bed and it just kept falling over on it's own. NO control what so ever! :)


One of my favorite parts of the whole day was seeing my older kiddos meet little Jed for the first time. They have been anticipating this day for weeks. Josiah has asked me every morning how many weeks we have left till his little brother comes.

They are all responded so differently... Halee was smiling from ear to ear and kinda cheering and clapping. Reesie was chanting "bebe, bebe, bebe" over and over again. And Siah climbed up next to me and buried his head in my shoulder and whispered, "Mom, is that my little brother?" I wrapped my arm around him, kissed his forehead, and said, "Yes, He finally made it, huh?"

(Oh, and after viewing her new little brother for a brief moment Halee informed me that she, "Really, really loves my BEAUTIFUL pink dress." AKA my extremely attractive hospital gown.... She cracks me up!)

It was a sweet moment with all four of my treasures meeting each other for the first time! I'll always carry that moment in my heart.

The Mama with her FOUR kiddos.

A few visitors....

Little man... I hope you know how incredibly loved you are! We have been praying specifically for you for nearly two years. Your Papa and my hearts longed for you! And the Lord was more than faithful to give you to us to help us learn to love others even more like Him!
You are cherished little boy!