Sunday, June 20, 2010

Each Other

Today was a special day. Today we celebrated Each Other. Today was Papa's Day. Today was my birthday. And today, we got to spend the entire day with Each Other.

I had a rough night last night. Hal woke up several times. Joey snored really loud. Baby boy in my tummy slid around and kept kicking. All this to say I woke up a bit on the grouchy side.

Joey buried my grouchiness with his sweet love. He made me laugh. He gave me a kiss. And another kiss. And then he insisted that we spend the day with Each Other.

He took us to breakfast at The Second Cup up in Monument (Which was beyond delicious by the way.) I had eggs benedict. It's been one of my many cravings this pregnancy.

Then we drove to Estes Park. We haven't been there since before we had kids. It was a sweet time with Each Other. On the drive up we talked about all kinds of things... life... The Farm... our love... The Farm... our kiddos... The Farm!

Did I mention that we talked about The Farm? :)

Estes Park was beautiful! We walked around. Got Subway. And took pictures of our treasures playing in the trees, watching the river, and laughing with Each Other.

We took the kids to a Fun Center in the middle of Estes Park. Papa took Hal and Siah down these giant slides...

Siah did NOT care for the ride...

When he got to the bottom he said, "Papa, that was awfully scary."
Papa said, "So do you wanna go again?"
Siah said, "Ya."

When he got to the bottom the second time Siah said, "Papa, that was even more scarier than the first time."
So Funny!

As we drove home we were so grateful for the time we had had with Each Other.

On our way home we stopped at "our" farm. We made plans with Each Other. We dreamed up a wrap around porch along with an over-sized garage to be built just east of our little farm house. We prayed for God's will for the farm that is now clearly in our hearts, as we sat quietly with Each Other at the very end of the long drive way.

When we got home,
We ate cereal for dinner with Each Other,
Watched hours of HGTV with Each Other,
And have a grand plan to end our day falling asleep on the couch with Each Other.