Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's Those Little Things

Yesterday I was putting some laundry away in my room. When I walked back into the living room I saw my two little girls laying on the floor together. Reesie was holding my Bible open upside down.
I asked them what they were doing and Halee ecstatically proclaimed, "Mama, I'm teaching Reesie how to pray!!!

"Watch," she said... "Reesie, say, "thank you Jesus.""

Reesie said, "Na na Su su."

Halee continued, "for our toys."

Reesie... "Oiyssss."

Halee wraped it up, "AMEN"

And Reesie followed.. "AMEN!!!"

And this Mama of theirs got all choked up. I mean, seriously, what Mama wouldn't be blessed to see her daughters learning to pray together??? It's these little things that I LOVE soo much about being a Mama.

When I was able to pull myself together a little bit, I hugged Halee and told her that she was the best big sister around!

I Love these girls!!!!