Friday, May 21, 2010


I'm not biased or possibly a proud Mama or anything like that.... But I just have to say that my Siah is AWESOME on his bike!!!!

My thought is... Siah just might be our BMX'er (I know that's not really a word, but oh well. ) We tried a sports class with him last Spring. But it turned out that his favorite part of the whole 10 weeks of class was the 30 seconds when he stood up front and received his trophy. He could often times be caught picking the grass, or pulling his shirt up over his head in the middle of the field.

Sports just might not be his thing... but on his bike... he's the MAN!!! He rides SOO fast... and he's fearless about it! I love it when he speeds past me and I can see the hugest smile plastered across his face as he rides into the wind.

Joey and Adam built a little track for their motorcycles in the empty lot next to our house. Siah loves to ride the track as fast as he can on his little two-wheeler...

Check it out!