Friday, May 28, 2010


I'm getting over the top excited about meeting our newest little treasure. I am coming up on 32 weeks (At least that's how far I think I am... They keep changing the due date on us. :)

Which means.... Possibly only 6 more weeks till that glorious day when another little Clark comes into the world!!!! If I didn't care so little for being pregnant, I would seriously have a dozen children in a heart beat. I can't even express with my silly words how much I love being a mom! I can say without an ounce of hesitation that it is, and always will be, the best job on earth. :)

Right now I'm sitting across the table from my little Reesie, who slept in till 8am for the first time in her entire life, so it's just her and I at the table. She spilled her bowl of cereal all over the table, asked for a napkin, and cleaned up the mess all by herself. She's only two years old and yet it is already so obvious to me that the Lord has given her a heart that wants to help and serve others. The other night while I was out, she was with Papa and the other kids watching a movie. She got up and went to the kitchen and got the other kid's water cups and brought them to them and then went back and got her own. She helps me unload the dishwasher almost every day. She helps me put the laundry in the dryer from the washer. She helps me "fold" the laundry, which usually entails her actually "unfolding" the laundry... but I'm so grateful for her heart of willingly wanting to help me that I don't mind folding the same shirt three times. She's a little gem.

Siah has become so independent this past year. He wakes up in the morning, dresses himself, makes his bed, clears the table after breakfast, and vacuums up all the crumbs off the kitchen floor with this little dust buster that we have. He takes the trash out from our kitchen to our garage. Yesterday was trash day and when we went outside Siah noticed the empty trash cans on the side of the road out front of our house. He asked me if the cans were ours and I said yes. Then without me saying a word he went over to the cans and carried them back into the garage where he knows that they go. Then he carried our neighbors up to their garage. Then he came to me and said, "Mama. I put the trash cans away. Now Papa doesn't have to do that job when he gets home." Then he went and got on his bike and road down the street.

I know sometimes I am tempted to feel sad that our little guy is growing up so fast. But then I decide instead to soak up the joys (and challenges) of each phase. If Siah had always stayed in his chubby, zealous, two-year-old phase, I would be missing out on the now. Missing out on seeing the pride on his face when he accomplishes new things... missing out on the patience and "google-ing" skills that I am gaining in this phase of his one-million-and-one-questions-a-day phase (Thank goodness for the internet because truth be told, I have no idea why or how my oven works, or the details of how pushing one little button causes my garage door to open... things Siah continues to ask me about.)...

I'm glad our treasures are growing. I'm glad that there is hope that Reesie will someday learn to speak English and we won't always have to be guessing as to what on earth she is trying to communicate. I'm glad that Siah is turning into this gentle but strong little leader in our home. I'm glad that Halee too, has a heart of service and a gentle and quiet Spirit about her. I love watching her learn and decide to be brave. We went to the doctor yesterday and on the way I was encouraging the kids to brave. They have been memorizing Joshua 1:9. On our way in the building Halee declared, "Mom, I'm gonna be strong and courageous in that doctor's room!" And she was! She only cried once when the doctor asked her to count to five and she froze up and couldn't do it. She got embarrased and started to cry. But then we said our verse and she dried up her tears and did a great job answering the doctors questions. When we left the doctors office I told her how proud I was that she had been "strong and courageous"! And a HUGE smile crept across her face... she loves it when people are proud of her! :)... And I am... VERY PROUD of her and the little girl that she is becoming!

Wow... this turned into a very different post than I was thinking about writing this morning. I just woke up so excited and curious and a good anxious, to meet the newest little Clark. I guess when I think about all our treasures, a whole mouthful of thoughts and memories consume me and I can't help but write it all down.

We are all doing well out here in Kansas land... The slower pace, the strong community that we have found in our new church, the time that we have with each other has brought us that much closer to each other and to the Lord. Even the kiddos are getting excited to meet their little brother. Siah and Halee ask me everyday, "How many more weeks Mama until he comes?"

Today I responded with, "Let's pray for only six more weeks!" It's hard to believe that the Lord would bless us with FOUR small treasures in five short years. As I write this post I have a few tears falling out of my eyes just from the feeling of shear gratitude for what we've been given. Not a day has gone by that I have taken our treasures for granted! Love, love, love, love these little people!!!