Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Make New Friends... But Keep The Old

We had our going away party last Saturday. It was simple but oh so sweet. Joey and I have known each other since we were 12 years old. We've grown up in San Diego. The party on Saturday made me feel so grateful and blessed for all the friendships that we have gained over the past 18 years. The friends that have poured their hearts into our lives, the friends that have treated us as they would their own children, the friends that we have taken under our wings and adopted into our family as our many children... each has an important place in our hearts.

I'll write about it more later, but it I just feel like the Holy Spirit has blessed me with such a peace about this move. I know it's it's the Holy Spirirt because I know that my personality and my typical struggles would never allow me to be this peaceful on my own strength. Although I am super bummed about moving away from all these amazing people in my life, I know with every ounce of my being that these friends will be friends for eternity. Seriously. There is something deeply rooted and extremely comforting about having friends In The Lord. I dont think I said "Goodbye" to anyone at the party. I just said "see ya later."

The Girl Scouts sing it best...

Make new friends
But keep the old
One is silver
And the other's gold!!!

Some pics...

Siah's almost five!! He rode his bike around the park and played with his friends during the entire duration of the party. He was always within an eye's view, but he was completely independent of me. It was weird to me that he's old enough now that I don't have to have him right next to me all the time.

Hal's almost four years old. Her actual birthday is on Easter this year. She wants to wake up and eat a pink donut with rainbow spinkles on it on her birthday. :)

And this girl... How cute is she???? It's hard to believe that our little Reesie is only three months away from her second birthday.

We actually got a a decent picture of the nine of us who lived in the giant house on the hill this past year. I can hardly believe that the year is coming to an end in TWO short days!!!

Our family

Below are a bunch of pictures of some of the amazing friends that we have been living our life with over the past 18 years...

Steph and "Mads"

Elizabeth and Mike

John and Lisa

Jason and Mindy and Laylie

Mo and Mindy

Ed and Patrice

Anna and Bobby with Wyatt and Laney

Peter and Sandi with Peyton and Kalli

Chris and Marla with Landee, Cladee, & Tadee

Lauren & Annabelle

Reed and Janae

John and Milly

Dave and Heidi

I didn't get a chance to get pictures of all who were there... but even without the photos I promise that I will remember each and every one of you in my heart!
If we meet friends in CO that are just half as cool as the ones we have out here... we will be beyond blessed!!!