Saturday, March 27, 2010

Adjuting Just Fine

I have totally enjoyed soaking up my kids the past two days. I think that it was an absolutley brilliant idea to leave the packing and the cleaning to the boys and take the kids out early. Without the stress of trying to wrap things up in San Diego I have had plenty of time to focus on my treasures. As we were driving out to Arizona (our first stop) on Thursday I kept looking into the back seat where all three of our treasures were lined up in a row in their carseats. Reesie's legs now hang way down when she sits in her seat, not quite touching the floor. She looks to me like one of the big kids. My life is seriously flashing before my eyes.

Today I wanted to write about my kids... about the ways that they're adjusting to this crazy adventure that we are finding ourselves on... about the perfectly detailed way that the Lord is bringing this season in our lives to pass.

The truth is that they are handling themselves just fine. They are each different. When I ask Siah how he is feeling he'll say, "I'm sad. I'm going to miss my friends." Then Halee will pipe in with her chipper voice and declare, "But we get to meet new friends!!!!" Siah has a harder time with change. I think that Halee actually gets a thrill with change. She seems excited for her new bed, her new room, her new friends. Siah's been so cuddley with me... which is not the norm. He's been wanting to sit in my lap and he keeps asking if he can sit by me at the table when we eat. I love it. I know that it's probably just what he need as we make this transition and I'm more than happy to oblige. I'm grateful that since we left early, I have all the time in the world to give him whatever he needs.

And Reesie...mmmmm???? My sweet, defiant, loud, hilareous ,almost two-year-old!! With her I don't know if she's behaving the way she is simply because she is two or because she senses all the stuff going on in her life. I can gues that it is probably a combo. The girl looks just like me when I'm mad. Her whole body tenses up and she kinda waves her arms and stomps her feet, and she makes the cutest facial expressions but I have to pretend that I don't think they're cute so that she doesn't get that the message that her behavior is even slightly ok. :) If I lightly flick her on the hand when she directly disobeys me, she carries on and on and on like someone just chopped her arm off. It's LOUD and quite ridiculous actually... but we are working on it and I can already see her response getting less and less dramatic. She is my cuddle bug. She loves to be held and it has been a challenge for me lately because I just can't hold her as much since the baby in my tummy has been getting bigger and bigger. So I've been getting down on her level and hugging her for a minute or two instead of holding her. Somtimes I just tell her that I can't hold her but that I would be happy to hold her hand. She's pretty content with that idea. :)

Over all, all three treasures are doing great... genuinely.
I have been so blessed.
And I am keeping my eye out for them as we continue to move into our new home, in our new city, while meeting some new friends. Below are just a few pictures that are proof to me that although they are all in adjustment, they are far from being depressed!!!