Thursday, February 11, 2010

Siah & Hal On Marriage

From the backseat of the car the other day Siah and Hal Sturck up a conversation about marriage. Siah thinks that he's going to marry one of our dear friend's daughters. Her name is Cadence. And He thinks that Halee is going to marry one of our dear friend's sons. His name is Wyatt. Siah was giving Halee one of his mini lectures, like he often does. (He some how feels it to be his responsibility to inform his sisters on the facts of life.) But this time, Hal was able to give Siah a piece of her mind as well.

Siah began the conversation...

"Hal, girls marry boys, and boys marry girls. I'm gonna marry Cadence. You can't marry Cadence because she's a girl and you're a girl and girls can't marry girls."

"No, I not marry Cadence. I marry Wyatt. We're gonna have lots of kids"

"Well, you're gonna have to ask God because he's the one who puts babies in girl's tummies. If you don't ask God then you're not gonna have any kids."

"Well if you don't work hard then you no have a wife. You need to be hard worker so that you can give Cadence a house to live at and good food on her table."

"I work soo soo hard. I'm gonna buy a race car AND marry Cadence."



So there you have it... Everything you ever needed to know about marriage.