Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jumping In The Shower

A little preface...

Josiah is not a huge fan of water. He really doesn't even care for taking a bath... not because he doesn't want to be clean but because he's afraid of getting sprayed by the sprayer. (We have one of those removeable shower head things).

So I have been preparing Siah throughout the past year and telling him that when he is five years old we'll teach him how to take a shower by himself. He asked us why, cuz let's just say that he's not looking forward to it. And we just told him, because when people turn five years old they need to learn how to shower on their own. So now he thinks that everyone learns to take showers when their five.

Also, when I am going to take a shower I always tell the kids
"I am going to jump in the shower real quick so be kind to one another while I'm in there."
I don't want to have to get out of the shower to break up a fight.

All this to say...

Yesterday, at the beach, Siah was hanging out with Adam and he asked him,

Siah, "Why does AJ take a shower and he's only two and a half?"

Adam, "Because that's just what he does."

Siah, "Does he jump in the shower?"

Adam, "Umm, not usually."

Siah, "Oh, cuz my mom jumps in the shower all the time."

LOL :)

He totally thinks that when I say that "I am going to jump in the shower" that I LITTERALLY, jump in the shower.

Ok, maybe it's not that funny... but I thought it was hilarious. :)

Love this kid! :)