Monday, January 4, 2010

I Can Hardly Wait...

Last Friday Joey and I went to bed at 7:30... We were woken Saturday morning by a sweet little boy who came in at 5:15am and whispered, "Mama... Mama... Mama... I need to go poopoo." To which his Papa replied, "New Years resolution #1... Teach our almost five year old son to wipe his own bum." It totally made me laugh...

Siah went back to bed, Joey did his morning ritual of an hour long bath followed by a shower, then snuck out to get some Saturday morning donuts for everyone in the house. I spent some time in the Word and then made some oatmeal with blueberries for the kids (it was my attempt to make myself feel better about feeding the kids donuts for breakfast after already feeding them McDonlads one to many times on our trip to Texas.)

Any who, Saturday was absolutely gorgeous!!! It seriously felt like summer. Sweet Tara hung out with the kids all morning as I got to put away all the chaos from our trip.

We packed lunches and both our families walked to the park. The kids rode their new big wheels and played in the dirt. Tara, Adam and Joey took a stab at slack-lining. It was a real treat watching my Joey try to balance on a tightrope. :)
We all took a long afternoon nap, had some soup for dinner and went to bed early again. :)


Yesterday we went to our friends home church. They've been in Joey and my life since we were twelve. And although we don't see each other nearly as often as we would like to, every time that we do get to be with them it's just so sweet. We had no intentions of staying all day but the hours just went by so fast and before we knew it it was 4 o clock in the afternoon and we were heading home. What a treasure life -long friends are. :)

I was just so grateful for the perfect weekend that made a perfect beginning to a new year. Maybe it's silly but I have this thought that the first couple days of the new year are a glimpse of what's to come throughout the year. If that's the case then this year shall surely be overflowing with laughter, sweet moments, deep precious friendships, lots of rest, and lots of joy....

I can hardly wait!