Friday, December 11, 2009

Nap Time Just Ain't What It Used To Be

I know we have a lot to catch up on and I hope to do that soon... But today I just can't stop thinking about how nap time around here just ain't what it used to be. As I'm lying here in my bed, Reesie (who is usually the one great "napper" that I have left) is screaming her little head off in her bed. Today the other two are actually sleeping... THey went to a sleepover last night at Granny and Gramps house and they were royally tuckered out.

The point is... there used be a time when all three of my treasures would joyfully go to their beds each afternoon and give their Mama a few hours of peace and quiet to do as she pleased. That is no longer the case. And in all honesty most afternoons it works out okay. Siah and Hal still lay down for an hour or so even though they rarely go to sleep... and little Reesie still sleeps for a few hours on most days... Not today of course... Nope... she is still screaming.

Why am I telling you all this???

Well, the change in nap time has brought to my attention that things are changing all around with my treasures. Yes, their sleep patterns are changing, but so much more is changing simultaneously. I spoke with Siah this morning on the phone while he was at Granny's house and it was so weird for me. He sounded like a kid... not a toddler, not a baby. He's so mature for his four-year-old self and I can hardly believe that he's going to be five in a few short months.

Hal's still petite as ever, both in size and voice. She weighs less that AJ who's an entire year younger than her and she talks like a mouse. I have been questioning my hearing lately because although she can pronounce her words just fine, it is a rare occasion when I actually understand her the first time. I've shared many times before how I feel like Hal is a teenager in a three year old body. She has teenage issues on the inside even though she's this tiny little thing on the outside. She wants to rule the roost with her emotions... we are working on that with her with the hope that if we teach her to handle herself in a constructive way now, as she gets older she will have the knowledge and the wisdom to get the things she needs without manipulating people with her emotions, but rather with a self-controlled voice and good communication skills. I never thought that I would have these kind of issues with my three year old. She is growing up so fast.

As for little Reesie... She acts way older than her age. She is totally able to communicate exactly what she needs (not always in a constructive way I might add :) and she understands 100% of what I tell her. She's only 18 months but she's a responsible little helper. She puts her clothes in the dirty clothes basket after I change her. She throws her own diapers away after I change her. The other day I caught her sitting at the kitchen table (she had climbed up into the chair all by herself) and she was successfully putting a puzzle together without any assistance what so ever. How did she get so big so fast?

My kids are growing. They might not be napping as much... but as time goes by they are growing into these amazing little people that I just adore. Oddly, I adore their good traits and their bad... because although I am extremely bias and absolutely love to brag about the great things about my kids, I am completely aware of the fact that they ALL have some things to work on. ( I guess if they didn't, then they would be Jesus :)

Any who... I hope to update on all the fun things that have been going on around here really soon... But since nap time just ain't what it used to be, I've been having trouble finding the time...

Reesie is STILL screaming in her bed. I have this strange feeling that today she just might not be taking a nap. :)

I'll pop back in again soon.