Saturday, November 7, 2009

I Got Prayed For... Yes I DID!!

Wednesday is the hardest day of the week for me. It is the only day of the week that we have to actually be somewhere by a certain time... And let me tell you that in my world of many small children, 9:30am seems to be impossibly early. When trying to get three toddlers dressed, let's just say that they often get slightly distracted and forget that they were supposed to be getting dressed... They walk in and out of their room about 80 times... they find a long lost toy under their bed and stop to examine it for several unnecessary minutes... They stop getting themselves dressed and ask off the wall questions that have nothing to do with what we are trying to accomplish at the moment, which is GETTING DRESSED!! They are definitely NOT multi-taskers!!

SO... This past Wednesday... I was a bit perturbed at the fact that my little crew of treasures were ALL in complete LA-LA Land and hardly listening to a single word that I was saying. At the peak of my frustration, out of my mouth flew some very firm words, in a rather harsh tone.
Immediately everyone got quiet and magically began listening. We walked into the bathroom and little Hal confidently confronts me with...

"Mom." (she didn't even call me "Mama" like she usually does... she was serious and very straight forward.) "You speak in a harsh voice. That not kindness."

"You're right Hal. I'm sorry. Will you..."

(She interrupts me)"We need to pray for you Mom. You need God's help to speak in a kind way."


(She interrupts again) "Dear God, thank you that Mama no speak in a harsh voice no more. Amen."

"Ok then. Thanks Hal."

She handled that well, don't you think? I guess you could say I got prayed for! And I am so stoked about it!!!! It might be true that my 3-year-old doesn't always listen when I am asking her to get dressed in the morning... But her prayer was evidence to me that she at least listens to the more important things... things like, knowing that our help comes from God, and we ALL need God's help, even (or should I say, especially) Mama needs God's help.

Woohoo!!!!!! Yipee!!! Hooray!!!! I got prayed for!!!!