Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I've been learning how to trust. I mean, what does "trust" really mean anyway? What does it look like in the everyday... in the mundane, in the monotonous? If I experience a brief moment of doubt in the midst of my trusting, does that discredit all the trust that I thought I was experiencing before I had the moment of doubt?

Can you tell that sometimes I tend to make things complicated? Maybe over-analyze a little bit?

I've been asking the Lord, "
Show me how to genuinely trust you?" I've be looking for this deep spiritual answer, an epiphany or something of the sort. And then in true Fatherly fashion He opened my eyes to the purest form of trust that I have ever seen...

I don't know how I've missed it all these nights. Each evening before lights out, Joey reads the Bible with the kids and he prays with them. EVERY SINGLE NIGHT the kids pray for the same two things, a house with a long driveway and another baby boy
and baby girl in Mommy's tummy. But this is how they pray...

Thank you God for a house with a long drive way. And thank you for another baby boy and another baby girl in Mommy's tummy. Thank you God. Amen."

Did you catch it? Did you catch how innocently and purely they trust? When they pray, they do not ask
IF God can do this or that. They thank the Lord As if what they are asking for has already been done. They unashamedly trust Him to give them the desires of their hearts!

That's the kind of trust that I want to be happening between me and my Savior!
This week, as my treasures prayed their concise, grateful prayers...
I learned a little more about trust...