Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Missing & Missed

To Tara, Adam, AJ & Vivy...

The truth is that we miss you around here. Not a day goes by that one, or all of us, don't ask outloud, "When's AJ (or Tara, or some "Peek") coming home?" So we thought we'd fill you in a little...
Some of the things that you have NOT been missing out on are..
*The zillions of ants that have been invading our kitchen almost everyday since you've been gone... I think I have used an entire bottle of all purpose cleaner on Reesie's highchair alone trying to get the ant situation under control... maybe we should invest in ant spray instead of all purpose cleaner??? You think???
*Speaking of "Reesie-Peace", as she was once known. Her knew name is now "Reesie-Trouble." Let's see... since you've been gone she's... completely unrolled several rolls of toilet paper, swallowed one of her own hair-ties and thrown it up on the way to church, given herself a bath in the toilet, almost drown in a pool, pitched about ten handfuls of fits, pulled every last movie off the bookshelf in the living room like a hundred times even though I've made it very clear that that bookshelf is OFF LIMITS!!... I could go on and on... And believe it or not, I really do watch the girl... She's faster than the road runner. Before I can even get the words, "Reesie-Trouble" to roll off my tongue, the girl has already managed to cause a major ruckus!!!

*Our Mount Everest... yes... those beautiful but pain in the bum floors!!! You lucky, lucky duck! You have not had to clean them for three WHOLE marvelous weeks!!! WOW, how blessed you must feel!!

The trail of ants invading our LIVES!!!!!

FIVE things that are missing you...

You Are MISSED!!!

AS you well know... our treasures have absolutely NO sense of time. So although we are constantly telling them, "ten more days.. nine more days..." They don't really get it! So we made this nifty countdown calender for them. And we've ALL been counting down the days !!!

You are Missed!!!!
See ya soon!

PS Happy Wedding Day to you Rachel!