Friday, October 9, 2009


Hal LOVES to dance. She is not very coordinated... She's still working on falling directions and focussing long enough to learn anything new... But she is FULL of passion... And when she is paying attention, she tries with ALL her might to be the best dancer she can be!

She spent most of her first class admiring herself in the mirror... who cares about dance steps when a pretty pink princess skirt is involved, right?

The first half of the class is ballet and the second half is tap. Once the girls put their tap shoes on it was all up hill from there for their patient, ambitious teacher... All the girls were so enthralled with the sound that their tap shoes made that their teacher could hardly get a word in... But she persevered and in the end the girls learned a thing or two.

I just love being a mom of a girly-girl. I just love being Hal's mom!