Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bye Bye Bob

I'm not sure why I haven't mentioned him before. He's a big part of our lives around here. Josiah talks about him as if he is 100% real. (But not in a weird, sixth sense sort of way. :)

Meet Bob...

He's Josiah's imaginary friend.

There are actually two "Bobs." One Bob is married to Lisa. The second Bob is married to Beth. They are a very big part of our conversations around here. Siah gives us the rundown on his and Bob's plans for the day, each and every day. Bob is a big part of Siah's life. So I was surprised by today's announcement from the back seat...

On the way home from Bible Study this morning Siah informed me of a most tragic event.

The conversation went like this...

S "Hey Mom. Can you turn down the music I have something to tell you?"
M "Yeah bud, what's up?"
S "Bob died today."
M (With a shocked look on my face) "What? What happened?"
S " Well, he was surfing with the other Bob... you know, Bob & Lisa Bob? And he fell off his surfboard and he stopped his breath. He no know how to swim. And now he's dead."
M "Wow, Si. That's sad."
S "It's not that sad mom. Bob's in heaven with your mom. Isn't that what happened? Didn't your mom lose her breath to? And isn't she with Jesus?
M "Yeah, buddy. Are you sure your're four years old?"
S He chuckles and says kinda confused, "Yeah Mom, of course Siah is four."

We will miss you Bob. :)


I also took a few pictures of the girls today. Hal wanted her and Reesie to wear their matching hats to Bible Study this morning and I was most happy to oblige because my personal opinion is that they look absolutely adorable in hats.